Credit for self-employed persons without creditworthiness

Self-employed and freelancers belong to the professional group who have difficulty getting a loan. This is due to the uncertain situation of the income. Unlike a salaried employee or worker, it can never be predicted how much sales will be in a given month. If you are not a lawyer or a doctor, you will encounter insurmountable hurdles when you request a loan. It becomes even more difficult if the creditworthiness is poor, because a loan for self-employed persons without creditworthiness is not possible.

There is no loan in Germany or Switzerland

There is no loan in Germany or Switzerland

As bitter as it may be for those affected, self-employed people with poor credit ratings do not receive credit. It is difficult enough to get a loan approval in this case anyway. With negative Credit Bureau entries, the situation has worsened even further. The request to the Swiss banks is completely unnecessary. The Credit Bureau information does not count here, but the self-employed do not get a loan approval here.

Peer to peer credit for self-employed persons with no credit rating

There are now marketplaces on the Internet where loans are offered. This is nothing new, but it is a private individual and not just any bank. These platforms are known for granting a loan to self-employed people even if the banks have already declined. The creditworthiness is also checked here, but there are chances that a loan for self-employed persons without creditworthiness can be realized here. In the first place, of course, it depends on the amount of the loan, because here, too, you have nothing to lose.

It is always a question of creditworthiness whether a loan is possible or not. This affects not only the self-employed, but also people who are employed. As soon as the information in the Credit Bureau is negative, there is no longer any loan approval in Germany. Private consumers can still turn to foreign banks that are not as strict about lending rules, but unfortunately this path is not available to the self-employed. The income situation is too uncertain. With employees or workers, the employer is security, because in an emergency the banks can access the income through a garnishment. The basis for this is missing for the self-employed.

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